The Death Of Dolores O’Riordan


Priscila Chavez, Reporter

To start off the new year 2018 a death of a classical singer from the 90’s has occurred. The death of Dolores O’Riordan, 46 the lead singer of the Cranberries band was suddenly found dead in her hotel bathroom at the London Hilton located in the U.K. on January 15. According to her publicist O’Riordan, the Irish singer was in London for a short recording session. But what caused her sudden death out of nowhere with her just doing her job? Could something like the government have something to do with this? Or possibly something even sketchier and darker like, the illuminati? There really isn’t a reason why someone just dies unexpectedly like this.The cause of her death has still yet to be determined weather it was a suicide or not, and her death has been called as “non-suspicious” even though it sounds like it is.

     “Although I didn’t listen to many of their iconic songs, there were a few I grew up hearing. It’s so sad to know that the lead singer of a band that always brings back great memories has passed away so young,” said Cindy Oyervides (‘18).

     The Cranberries was formed in 1989 and their fame skyrocketed in the mid 1990’s by selling over 40 million copies of their records sold worldwide. The band contains of four total members. Including, Fergal Lawler, who plays the drums, Mike Hogan, bass guitar, Noel Hogan, acoustic guitar, and finally Dolores herself, also playing acoustic guitar and lead singer.

     O’Riordan’s partner, Ole Koretsky  says he “is heartbroken and devastated” by the news of her sudden death that was completely unexpected. Her band mates from the cranberries are also devastated about the news.

     The coroner, who investigates violent or sudden deaths is currently waiting to gather up all the evidence, like potential toxicology reports before an inquest will be opened. Westminster’s Coroner’s Court confirmed. It’s still undecided if a post mortem will need to be carried out.

     “I feel the sympathy for her partner and friends and family, the death of someone important in your life can be really hard on you. But it’s good to know that she left by doing something she loved which was being in the Cranberries,” said Mariana Cardoso (‘19)

     Even though she is gone she will still be remembered by many because of her famous role she played in the cranberries.