Exposing Dan Schneider

Exposing Dan Schneider

Cindy Oyervides, Editor

     Several years ago shows such as iCarly, Sam & Cat and Victorious streamed on the popular TV network Nickelodeon. Dan Schneider is a successful TV producer that has made millions off of shows he used to produce. Most of the shows he’s produced are no longer being made but there are still less popular shows that are streaming on Nickelodeon. Recently, there have been posts made about the producer talking about how weird many of the episodes and recurring themes in the shows are. From thousands of fans sending in pictures of their feet, to having underage girls dress provocatively, there have been many creepy things put on live TV years back.

      Several days ago, twitter threads were posted by people talking about weird and creepy things that happened on many of the Nickelodeon shows years back. There were many clips from episodes of iCarly that showed how often these teens were instructed to show their bare feet. Fans of the show Sam & Cat were also asked to send in pictures of their feet with the hashtag “SAMandCATSaturday’ in order to get retweeted. The showing of feet became a common thing for most of Schneider’s shows.

     “I think it’s very disturbing to know that a man who works with younger kids and teenagers would even think of doing something like this. I feel very bad for the actors/actresses because I’m sure they all just wanted to make it in the industry so they felt pressured to follow the disgusting things he made them do. It’s even worse because Nickelodeon doesn’t even care how weird or wrong the things he does are because they only care about the money and business they get from his shows,” said Priscila Chavez(19’).

For many of the kids that would watch the shows, this didn’t seem odd because it was so common but looking back, many twitter users that have viewed the thread have realized how wrong and creepy it was for a grown man to tell young kids to do these type of things.

     Another thing many of the stars on these shows would have to do was create extra videos that were posted onto the Nickelodeon website. These videos contained all different types of things but many times, Schneider would have them do very random and weird things. For the show Victorious, the videos they created were based around comments from fans asking the actors to do something. In one of these videos, Victoria Justice-who played Tori Vega on the show-was asked to turn herself into a hamburger. She layed on a tabletop with her shirt up, exposing her stomach, while her friends in the show covered her in food and condiments; this video was posted to the site and fans were able to view it. These extra videos that Schneider created were once again commonly used to show the actors feet. Much like in the shows, the actors were instructed to do weird things involving their feet for these extra clips that got posted online. In an extra video for iCarly, Jennette McCurdy-who plays Sam, and Nathan Kress-who plays Freddie, are seen tickling Jerry Trainor’s-who plays Spencer, feet as they recite the alphabet. Each of these extra videos were meant to be entertaining for fans even though a lot of the videos were really weird and creepy.

     In these shows, Schneider also put the actors in very inappropriate situations. The thread by twitter user ‘soberloren’ shows how wrong many of scenes from these shows are. Gifs from episodes showed these underage teens being put in situations that were intended to be sexual or exploitative in some way. Schneider has made the shows he’s produced very weird and random so that unless you’re truly paying attention or looking for very disturbing situations, you won’t be able to decipher when something is wrong. Famous actor Robert Downey Jr. has spoken about Schneider in the past claiming that Schneider is a monster and predator that gets away with horrible things because of the fact that Nickelodeon relies on his work to keep kids watching their network over others. There have been many claims and accusations made against Schneider but none of them have ever costed him his career because of the amount of power and safety he has from Nickelodeon. Rumors have gone around that he’s taken advantage of some of the actresses from his shows but again, nothing has ever been filed against him or have had him put in jail, allowing him to continue to create questionable and random shows.