RVC running start


Rachel Nelson, Reporter

The class of 2020 has their chance to do Running Start next school year. Students had to sign up to take the Accuplacer Test earlier this school year and their test results determined whether or not they were let into the program.

For those who don’t know, Running Start is a program that juniors and seniors can take. If you don’t participate in the program your junior year, you can join it your senior year- you just have to take the Accuplacer Test your junior year.

In this program, students can get up to two years of their general education college classes done and over with before they graduate high school. And it’s free other than buying your books.

A lot of the 2020 class took the Accuplacer Test, so you may not see a lot of juniors walking the halls next year.

“I want to do Running Start because it gives me a head start on college. It helps me get the fell of college and it challenges myself,” said Mikayla Gavina (‘20).

To be eligible for the Running Start program, you have to maintain a 3.0 GPA cumulative or higher, you must have completed one year of Algebra 1, one year of Geometry, two years of English and earned grades of “B” or higher. When taking the Accuplacer, they must get minimum scores of 70 in Reading, 76 in English and 81 in Math.

While in Running Start, students can still do sports for their school, but they don’t attend classes at North. They go to Rock Valley College and take their classes there. The students may only have a couple classes a day, as they are set up in the way that college students take their classes.

While in Running Start, you don’t take classes with people your own age, as you do in high school. You take classes with college students, and the curriculum is set up for teaching college students.

There are many people that have been in the Running Start program that have loved it. You get college classes out of the way, but you still get to graduate high school with your class.

“I enjoy Running Start. I wasn’t really involved in high school and it was easier for me to do Running Start. I like not having to go to the high school. The only downfall is that the high school isn’t very good at communicating with Rock Valley,” said Hailey Carter (‘18).

There are many upsides to doing running start that include: challenging yourself, getting some college out of the way and getting out of two years of high school.