Working retail during the holiday season


Hayley Redner, Reporter

     As an employee, working retail during the holidays can turn an already awful job into an actual nightmare. From the lines wrapped around the entire store during black Friday to angry customers complaints, the only good thing that can come from the job is the pay during the holiday season.

     One way to make working retail during christmas time a little less stressful is to get all your errands and shopping for gifts out of the way before Thanksgiving. Hannah Johnson(‘18) says, “I work at Best Buy and even before Thanksgiving is a very busy time of the year at our store, but during Christmas time there’s not a time we don’t have a line wrapping around the store. People camp outside the store in tents for black Friday and we put a lot of hours in trying to make our customers satisfied.” Employees are advised to take advantage of their breaks when they get the chance to.

     Although employees deal with hundreds of customers on any given day during the holiday season, it’s important to remember that if a customer has a bad attitude it’s not necessarily about you, so don’t take it personally. You just have to do your best to to help them with what they need and be patient. Sami Haase(‘18) says, “I work at JC Penny in the Cherryvale Mall and we get grumpy, upset customers on the daily. It’s my job to find them what they need and help them so they leave the store with a good review, it’s important to find a manager or someone that can help them if I don’t always have the answers.”

     If you’re looking for good hours and a seasonal job, then working retail during the holidays could be the perfect choice for you. But if you don’t have the patience and aren’t willing to work insane hours at a retail store, then working during the holiday season may not be the best fit of a job for you.