College recruit camps


Lily Bakulski, Reporter

Attending a college at 15 was a crazy experience. To even be looking at a school to attend for the next four years when high school ends was scary. No one really knows when they are ready. Sports are the reason why most students start looking at college early.

College recruit camps are the easiest way to get noticed by a coach. It grabs their attention and it shows that you care enough to want to go to their school and to play on their team. Before camps, players usually email their coaches to let them know that you are excited to be attending their camp.

“College camps are the most important part about college recruiting, but they can also be the most stressful. You learn over the years how to handle yourself and sell yourself to the college. You just have to go in and give it your full effort and show that you are a hard worker and from there the coach will recognize your effort and in the end your skill level and determination make you stand out. It ends up being totally worth it,” said Wasco Diamond, Chloe Saltigeral.

At camp, college coaches have many kids to watch, so they do not always notice certain players at first. If an athlete likes the school, they will most likely go to the school every time there is a camp. This is when a coach starts to notice them even more. Emailing coaches a summer schedule also allows them an opportunity to watch games they may play in so they can so they can see how their mind works throughout a game.

From experience, college camps are totally worth it. The last one I went to for softball was all skill. The coach had us girls working on every skill and she watched us working the entire time. I do believe that going to camps gives you a better chance of being noticed and getting scholarships.

Most college coaches look at grades as well. If an athlete does not have good grades, they most likely will not be accepted into that college. Coaches prefer student-athletes who are willing to work hard and to put in the effort to become a better player as well.

For some sports, it is harder to get noticed because your games happen in only one season. For example, football happens in the fall only. There are no travel teams for football which makes it harder for a coach to come out and watch an athlete play in a game. This is why most high school football teams have highlights on each player, so these coaches can look back and notice their strengths and weaknesses during games. This is when a coach would then start contacting the player because they found interest. Athletes can attend camps throughout the year, especially during the offseason, to get college exposure which would better their chances of getting a coach to see them.

“It all depends on these next two years. If I work for it, I can achieve it. I think D2 would be a better fit for me because it would allow me to balance school and my sport. Stress would still be a factor, but that is all going to be a part of the experience of college,” said varsity swimmer Mikayla Gavina (‘20).