High School Figure Skating Competition


Natalie Abramat, News Editor

Figure Skating is a grueling sport, but an elegant and graceful one at that. The skaters spend countless hours preparing for competitions, or test sessions. Each skater varying in level and talent. Over the past weekend, a group of local figure skaters competed against other high school skaters in Illinois for the reigning title. The ‘815 Edge’ comprises of freshmen to seniors, from schools all over Rockford, even one team member from the Chicago-land area. Guilford, Rockford Christian, Hononegah, Belvidere North and Boylan were a few schools that were included in the ‘815 Edge’ team. The team consists of three level bases. A, B and C. The A team comprises of the higher end of skating techniques, including those who have become junior or senior level skaters. 

In order to achieve these levels, skaters individually test moves patterns and freeskate tests. In the freeskate tests, the skater must do footwork, jumps and spins to a set of music. In a moves test, a skater will practice a set pattern of intricate turns, twizzles, slides, and spirals. Both tests start at pre preliminary and go to Senior. Once a skater has passed their senior moves, they are now considered Gold medalists. B team consists of Juvenile to Novice level. If an athlete is on the A or B team, they are considered Varsity level skaters. A few skaters from Boylan and Rockford Christian have received Varsity letters for competing on the team in previous years.


     “It was amazing seeing what they all can do! I couldn’t even fathom how long they had to have worked to get where they are today and it was so cool getting to see my best friend out there skating with all her friends. I’m so proud of everyone there, whether I know them or not,” said Anna Karl (‘20), who attended the event on Sunday.

    The competition was a huge success and a big win for the A team, who took away a second place medal. B team placed fourth in spins, fifth in jumps, and sixth in moves out of nine teams. B team is considered the hardest team because of its broad elements. C also competed very well against the other five teams. Overall, the Competition had a great turnout and the girls are ready to practice even harder to prepare for their next to competitions in Chicago in the coming months and even a rare chance to compete at Nationals in March.