Trump Receives Positive Health Report


Sofi Zeman, Features Editor

     On Tuesday, January 16, White House doctor Ronny Jackson, M.D. released a health report on President Trump at the daily press briefing. Jackson made claims that the president was “absolutely” physically fit to hold the position of POTUS for now and the years to come. Jackson also mentioned that among other 71-year-old men, President Trump is in the top percentile in terms of health.

     “Overall, he has very, very good health,” said Jackson.

     Many found these claims questionable given the fact that Trump, who is 6 ft 3 in and weighing 239 pounds, is just under the limits of obesity.

     A cognitive exam was given to the president to determine his mental wellness as well. While he scored perfectly on it, Jackson failed to explain that this was a basic test that included questions such as “who is president?” and “draw a clock.”

     Jackson’s remarks became almost suspiciously positive throughout the remainder of the briefing when remarks were made entirely in favor of Trump. Despite the multiple medications he takes and high cholesterol, the White House doctor told the press that our POTUS was in shockingly good cardiac health.

     Trump, known to lack in the exercise department and a lover of fast food, did receive a recommendation to improve his diet and  begin exercise methods. This, was however, followed by more extremely positive comments such as:

     “The president has incredible genes,” and “ that’s just the way God made him.”

    Speculation has risen over whether this health report is credible or just a way to mislead the public.