The End of Tide Pods?


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      The beginning of this year started off quite dangerously for many people, especially those who participated in what is called the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’. A meme, or a joke often paired with an image, started going around about the popular liquid laundry detergent. Many teenagers and young children began jokingly referring to the product as ‘the forbidden fruit’. This caused an alarming amount of kids to attempt to swallow the toxic detergent.

     According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, in 2017, over 12,000 calls were made concerning Tide Pods. This number doesn’t even include the amount of calls that have been made following the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’. This ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ has become a worldwide trend for many teenagers who are ignorant enough to do something this dangerous.

     “Refraining from eating tide pods should be a no brainer, but nowadays, kids will do anything for attention. Kids are willing to put their lives at risk to feel like a part of something. It’s just really sad that eating things that are so dangerous is what is amusing kids nowadays,” said Priscila Chavez(19’).

     It started off as a joke because statistics about how many cases there have been of people swallowing the product amused young teens. From there, the meme spun into something much worse and dangerous.  

    Consequences of swallowing the liquid detergent can be mild to extremely severe. After the liquid is in someone’s mouth, the typical reaction is the either gag or vomit because of the taste of the product. If they swallow it, burns to a person’s esophagus as well as their stomach will follow shortly after ingesting it. Young teenagers whose bodies are typically even more fragile than most adults, have been ingesting these harsh and in some cases, toxic chemicals for fun.

     “I don’t understand why they would consume the Tide Pods if they are aware of the side effects. Tide Pods aren’t real food and kids should be smart enough to know that,” said Yesenia Vizguerra (20’).   

     Other possible side effects can range from abdominal pain, diarrhea and even foaming at the mouth. Even knowing this, many kids have still decided to partake in the dangerous internet challenge.

     A viral tweet was posted all over the internet several days ago that many people thought was tweeted by the company but has since been called out for being fake. The tweet said that due to all of the dangers caused by children attempting to eat them for fun, the company planned to drop the popular liquid detergent. Many people began getting frustrated over the fact that because of the ignorant actions made by younger kids, those who actually enjoy the products efficiency would no longer be able to use them. As stated earlier, the worry over the removal of the product that many consumers shared won’t end up happening. Tide has stated that the company has no intentions of removing the very successful product from any shelves.

     The dangers of swallowing the liquid detergent hasn’t stopped kids from doing what they want or what they find entertaining even if it means suffering. Tide is aware of the fact that kids are doing something very dangerous and they have decided that it won’t stop them from continuing to sell the product. This internet challenge that started off as a joke, has lead to something far more risky and serious. The thing about internet memes is that with each new month, comes a new meme that could be as dangerous and the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ or could just be something for young teens and adults  to laugh at.