Mosul Faces Hardships After ISIS Defeat

Mosul Faces Hardships After ISIS Defeat

Lily Bakulski

June of 2014 marked the first month that Mosul would be fighting for survival while under an attack from ISIS. Fighting for survival was something the people of Mosul thought would be the hardest thing to do during the war, but they soon realized it would be watching the people they love most die right in front of them. Although Mosul defeated ISIS, there were many other things it lost.

Six months later, crews of Mosul citizens started to dig up bodies of children, loved ones, parents, grandparents. With no help, they suffer through the pain of digging up the innocent. One little girl was found under rubble with a horrified look on her face. About 10 years old, this little girl could only be identified by what she was holding, a stuffed animal rabbit.

Thousands of pictures are being added to the new government database to keep track of everyone who passed and to help the living claim the dead. About 10,000 people were estimated to be killed during the capturing of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. ISIS plan was unsuccessful as they did not take over the city.

The few buildings left standing in Mosul were considered to be lucky because most of the buildings were completely destroyed by the airstrikes the United States of America were sending to try and take out ISIS. Around the mountains of Mosul, lives of innocent people lay there, dead, as they were used as shields to protect ISIS during the battle. Many of those people were also crushed by their homes as they fell to the ground. Click here to see a picture of destroyed buildings and homes in Mosul.

The people of Mosul have been patiently waiting to start cleaning up around the city. Some just could not handle though; one man picked up a shovel and started digging to find the body of his dead great uncle. Most of the citizens of Mosul believe that they are the only ones who lost in the battle because everything was destroyed and innocent people were killed. They blame America and ISIS for their hurt. America is being criticized by the citizens because “their bombing was so ferocious.”

The city of Mosul has started to rebuild and children are returning to schools and classes have resumed. Approximately 437 schools have opened again and 450,000 children have returned to school. The kids have a rough time getting to school though, as streets are filled with rubble and the streets are vulnerable.

Although the city of Mosul was destroyed, friends and family of the city are sticking together to work through the pain and hardship. They will continue to rebuild and bring back their homes. The innocent who were taken away during the war will never be forgotten.