Student Highlight: Jillian Chamberlain


Natalie Abramat, News editor


     Belvidere North recognizes its outstanding athletes in their athlete of the week program, but Belvidere North students are also outstanding in their academics and achievements. Belvidere North Junior, Jillian Chamberlain is a true student to be reckoned with. With a wide variety of achievements and club participation, she is sure to be a person of interest in the future. Jillian is over eight clubs and many honor societies such as National Honor society, English Honor society, and National Science Honor society. 

She is also a student Ambassador, North way mentor, and Best Buddy member. Besides all the academics,

Jillian also participates in Cheer and throws discus for North’s track team. Jillian also likes music and is Show Choir this year. She recently did ILMEA as a soprano 1, which is an audition district choir and made it. She has done spotlight for multiple shows that Belvidere North Thespians have put on, and is occasionally seen helping behind the scenes with crew.

Jillian has participated in North’s Deca team since freshman year, and just qualified for state at the most recent competition. She placed and received a medal in Human resources and will compete for buying and merchandising research operations and Human Management. While she is incredibly busy, she still maintains a 4.0 grade point average and lives school life in between Rock Valley and North. When asked what makes her a good and dedicated North student she responded with, “My goals for the future motivate me to be the best student and representative of Belvidere North high school and Rock Valley College. I care about everything I do, whenever I say yes to something, I give it my 100% because there’s no point in something less than your best. I also try to form bonds with staff and students so that school is comfortable and welcoming for everyone. Overall, my goal is to just make it successful and enjoyable.”