Drake’s Plan


Emily Wendlandt, Reporter

Rapper and pop star, Drake, recently released a music video to his song, God’s Plan, almost two weeks ago. Reaching number No. 1 on the Billboard charts, Drake’s 1 million dollar budget music video was more than just a PR stunt for the star.

The million dollars for the production was actually spent on charitable acts around the city of Miami in Florida. Drake told shoppers at a local tropical supermarket that everything is free, presented a scholarship to a well deserved student, gave gift cards to women in shelters and much more. Drake throughout the music video even surprises fans with wads of cash.

The music video is shot in a documentary style, starting with a monologue from a  resident of Miami. The locals then are seen dancing to the beat of God’s plan, until Drake is revealed dancing himself. The video takes you the streets of Miami, meeting locals and witnessing good deeds done by the artist. The last sequences of the music video are shots of Drake dancing and singing with fans to his song.

A series of charitable acts was the foundation for Drake’s new music video. A million dollar production not spent on the set, or the camera, or the stars, only charity. All the money was distributed through the streets of one of the most poverty stricken areas in the country. Artists and celebrities should take Drake as an example for what it means to be an influence.