Softball Preview

Softball Preview

Lily Bakulski, Reporter

May 27, 2017 was a day Belvidere North made history in the softball program. The varsity softball team here at North stripped Harlem of the regional title and took it home for themselves. They put up a good fight in round 2, sectionals. In the sectional semi final, they played South Barrington High School which is a school with a lot of talent. In the first few innings, North fought hard and was surprisingly winning in the beginning. But the overpowering South Barrington came back, only to knock North out of the competition. This year, they all hope to do the same, taking the conference title as well.

On the varsity softball team, there are eleven players total. Of those eleven, seven of them are returning and four of them are new to the team. The four new players are Jocelyn Callahan (‘20), Emily Nipper (‘20), Mac Orozco (‘19) and Katie Konen (‘21). The seven returning players are super excited to start the season, especially since they had so much success last year.

“This season is going to be exciting because we have a lot of returning players and a lot of talent moving up and I think we are going to find ourselves back at the top because we all work so well together as a team,” said Morgan Mcnulty (‘18).

North’s biggest competitors this year will be Harlem, Hononegah, Freeport and their cross town rivals, the Belvidere Bucs. All will be good on defense as well as hitting, so the girls will have to bring their best to every game they play in. One thing North will be struggling with this season is pitching, but with good defense standing behind them, they will be able to push through to win games. Their first conference game will be tough as they play away at Hononegah High School on April 9 at 5 p.m.

“I am looking forward to this school season. It will certainly be a challenge knowing we are a young team and have many competitors. Overall, I believe we are a group that works well together,” said Kaci Tomman (‘20).

The girls are hoping for a conference title this year since they were not able to take that home last year. Winning regionals was a huge success for all of them and being able to move up to play the next level was something they will never forget. Working hard together is going to take the girls far. They are all hoping for warm weather next Friday, March 16, the day of their first game against Huntley at 4:30 p.m. So, although the team is young, many people have faith that Belvidere North’s Varsity Softball team can work together to bring home many wins and to have a very successful season.