Tonight Alive Album Review


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      Tonight Alive, a band from Australia, released a new album back in Jan. entitled Underworld. The band is currently on tour with the Canadian rock band Silverstein; both bands are touring the United States to promote their new albums. Tonight Alive’s new album features 13 songs and there have been several music videos posted on YouTube for different songs.

     The first song called “Book of Love” has a very futuristic feel to it. It’s very upbeat and unique sounding, which was a great way for them to start the album. “Temple” is the second song on the album; this one’s about the way we should value our bodies. This song is one of the songs played on their tour because it’s very fast tempoed and fun.

     Another song the band played at their Chicago show is called “Disappear”. This song is about getting out of town. It has a very melancholy vibe with soft repetitive background vocals. “The Other” is the fourth track on the album; the lead singer Jenna McDougall sings about the struggles of not feeling like yourself. Lyrics for the song really show how people can see themselves but not feel like what they see in the mirror. “In My Dreams” is the next song which is about wanting to never leave your dreams. Feeling like your dreamworld is better than reality because you feel out of place is a recurring message in this song.

     The sixth track is about doing anything for the one you love. “For You” focuses on how when you’re in love, you’d go to the end of the world for that person. “Crack My Heart” goes into how when you’re falling apart and someone is there for you, they can be the one to really put you back together. A message of this song is that with love, support and motivation anything is possible. From that positive turn, “Just For Now” shows how relationships can also have the potential to make things worse for a person. This song is all about temporary love and how people settle for whatever they can catch because they just want love even if it’s not the most true love.

     Remaining songs on the album have a very sad yet upbeat tempo. “Burning On” is yet another love song. With this one, the listener understands how in some relationships one person loves the other more. A repetitive chorus is the key part of this song because it talks about how sometimes a person pushes another until they fall deep in love. “Waiting For The End” is a song about fear. The heavy beat in combination with the lyrics touchin on topics like death, fear and life help tie this song together.

     Following the one you love is what “Last Light” is all about. McDougall sings about how one person can view another like many positive metaphors because of all of the ways that person impacts them. She sings about following the one you love even if it’s not meant to be. “Looking For Heaven” has a lot of piano in it whereas almost all of the other tracks on this album have heavy instruments. In an interview with Alternative Press, McDougall claims that this song was written for anybody that needs it and that she thinks the words could’ve been written from the perspective of an angel or a higher being like that. The final track on the album is called “My Underworld” which features Corey Taylor from the band Slipknot. Coming to terms with your past and improving your life based on old experiences is what they sing about with this song. A combination of their soft but passionate singing and the smooth and clean instruments really ties Underworld together.