The importance of the American flag


Kaylee Bowman , Reporter

This past week North had two active duty sergeants in the United States Army visit. They talked to Mr.Page’s classes about the meaning of the flag.

There is a literal meaning which is that the fifty stars on the flag represent the fifty states of the United States of America, and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and became the first states in the U.S, but there is also a connotative definition that is personal to each soldier. Sergeant Hurt and Sergeant Tellez said that the red stripes on the flag represent self-sacrifice and devotion. Every person that joins the military in an act of selflessness is constituted within the red. White represents the freedom that they fight for which allows America to be such a great nation. The blue represents heaven and loyalty and the stars that are placed upon the blue represents liberty, justice, and humanity. Each part of the flag is important; each category describes the heart and soul of every soldier.

“We all are one family; we fight for the same flag,” said Sgt.Tellez when asked about each branch of the military.

Soldiers fight for basic human rights and freedoms for the American people, yet they’re often disrespected. Lately, people have been burning flags in multiple protests around the nation despite public law 829 – flag code. It reads of many rules, but the overall principle of the law is that you cannot alter the flag. By burning the flag, each soldier is disrespected. Each person should dispose of the flag the proper way by cutting the stripes and burning them while preserving every star.

“The backward flag that covers our hearts on our uniforms and coffins is a symbol of moving forward. We do not turn our backs on that flag; not just because we mustn’t as soldiers, but because that flag is dear to all of our hearts,” said Sgt.Hurt.

A big thank you to Sgt. Hurt and Sgt.Tellez for taking their time to come speak to the classes and for serving our country from all of us at North.