March Madness Week 1 Recap

March Madness Week 1 Recap

Matt Belinson, Head Sports Editor

Throughout the college basketball season, fans from basketball programs respected to unknown, all anticipate their team’s opportunity for one trip, to go put on their dancing shoes. No, not the college’s Homecoming, I am talking about “The Big Dance,” March Madness.

     The 2018 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament got underway on 3/15 with over 15 games on almost everyone’s’ television screen.The tournament had some big name schools playing Thursday including:Arizona, Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and Oklahoma. Each team came in to their first round matchup looking to prove doubters wrong and advance to the weekend matchups.

     The nation went into an uproar after the first upset of the tournament took place when the number four seeded, Arizona Wildcats, fell by 11 to thirteen seeded Buffalo. Over 35% of all brackets filled out had Arizona moving to the National Championship.

     The week ended on Sunday with teams like Loyola-Chicago advancing to the Sweet 16, along with Kentucky, West Virginia, Kansas and Purdue to name a few. Hopefully for all fans of college basketball, the second week of the tournament follows suit with crazy upsets and must-see matchups.