Senior Trips

Senior Trips

Hayley Redner, Reporter

     As senior year is coming to an end, majority of the seniors are already planning their senior year trips. A good way to relieve yourself of all the homework and due dates is a vacation with friends or family. Although some parents think senior trips with no parental supervision is a risky endeavor, if the trip is planned right and it’s a good group of friends it could be a great time.

     Some common places that people travel for their senior trip are Florida, Mexico, Cancun, and California. Some students think the trips are too expensive and don’t have the money to travel. Most kids use their graduation money for the trip with their friends. Hunter Dixon (‘18) says, “When my older brother went on his senior trip to Cabo, Mexico he saved up his graduation money and spent around $900. I plan to do the same when I go to Jamaica for a cruise this summer.”

     A few adventurous excursions to do on trips like these are to jet ski, swim with dolphins, parasail, feeding stingrays, zip lining, atvs on the beach, sunset cruise, and hiking to local waterfalls. Taylor Ferguson (‘18) says, “My favorite excursion is feeding stingrays. I went on a cruise last year to Cancun with my family and we always find something to do. I’ve been going on cruises since I was little and I look forward to it every year with family and friends.”

     Going on a senior trip is a good way to end your senior year and get away from the stress of school as college is shortly approaching. Be sure to have a safe and fun trip and do your research before committing.