Texas box bombings


Natalie Abramat, News editor

 A college dropout, now known as Mark Anthony Conditt, has been killed after he was the suspected serial Austin Bomber.Authorities believe that the twenty three year old created bombs and placed them randomly at people’s doorsteps, causing two to be killed and one to be seriously injured. The bomber was a college student at Austin Community college from 2010 to 2012, but he did not graduate. The police questioned two of his past roommates, but they did not know of Conditt’s intentions.

     Conditt was found running from the police, and was located twenty miles north of Austin. Ultimately, the bomber blew himself up as the police approached. The police managed to find evidence of him dropping off packages at a FedEx store.

     Thus far in the investigation, there isn’t a clear motive as to why the bomber created the bombs and gave them to anonymous people. There have been five explosions, which have injured four and killed two.

     “The whole situation is kind of scary actually. I hope that the other packages don’t go off and that the people who were injured can find comfort,” said Eileen Bunt (‘18).

     The family of Conditt found it as a complete shock as to why he would do something dangerous like creating bombs, and didn’t know that he had intentions of hurting people. Authorities know that the packages were not delivered by Ups or FedEx, but by Conditt himself. The packages seemed to be centered around the neighborhoods of east Austin. They believe the attacks may have been because of racial tensions, but the police have not confirmed it. The bomber also created a twenty five minute video on his phone before he blew himself up.

     “It’s really a sad thing to have happen. I just wish people would stop trying to destroy things and people. I just hope that the families and victims get justice, because it obviously isn’t fair for the bomber to get away with what he did. There is a lot of confusion with the case,” explained Kenzie V. Bowlby (‘19).

     With all the constant updates and changes, the police are trying to confirm that the last of the bombings will not go off or will be found soon.