My name’s Simon, I’m just like you

Love, Simon hit theater March 16

Love, Simon hit theater March 16

Cassiana Pozzi, Editor in Chief

“My name’s Simon, and I’m just like you – except I have one huge secret… Nobody knows I’m gay.” These are the famous words said by Simon Spier, a character created by Becky Albertalli’s in the 2015 novel Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. But it’s not just a novel anymore; Love, Simon hit theaters on Friday, March 16. The film is lead by actors Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Jennifer Garner, Keiynan Lonsdale, Alexandra Shipp, Miles Heizer, and Josh Duhamel. To clarify, this story is unlike many others when it comes to high school romances. Simon, played by Robinson, thinks he’s the only gay student at Creekwood, but an anonymous online post states otherwise. He reaches out to Blue, a pseudonym created to keep the student’s secret, sparking a small internet romance. But with a love story comes some sort of tragedy. Martin, the annoying member of the Creekwood theater group, mistakenly finds Simon’s emails to Blue and takes pictures of them. This gets twisted to blackmail as Martin hopes to get closer to Simon’s friend, Abby. Simon expresses how much he wants everything to stay the same, but his secret, he knows, has to come out sooner or later.

This movie did not fail to make audiences cry with heartfelt parental talks and cheer with the great reveal of Blue. Why was it such a big reveal? Throughout the movie, as viewers follow Simon, they also explore the three possibilities of who Blue may be. The three options that Simon ponders are Bram, the school soccer star, Cal, the theater pianist, and Lyle, the old friend and Waffle House worker. Small little clues indicate that each of these boys could be Simon’s love, but only one shows up to ride the ferris wheel with him at the town carnival at the end of the movie. Simon embraces the new him, no matter how difficult it was to overcome the mental barrier that distanced him from his friends and family. There were some tough moments for Simon after he was outed, including a small dispute with Abby as she realized her part in the agreement with Martin. And to add a little bit of opinion, Simon felt the most distant than he has ever felt in his life after having to come out on alternative terms and his friends left him. They blamed him for a small inconvenience and had no regard for the tough situation he had also been thrown in. Because no fights could possibly be left unsettled, the group of friends reconnect to support Simon in his decision at the carnival. And because of the high school movie that it is, there were countless times confused adults sat next to teens, watching them die of laughter at jokes unknown to them. There was a lot of hidden humor adding to the realistic aspect that made this movie so relatable.

One of the better outcomes from this film was the effect it had on some viewers. Fans taking to Twitter the day after the film released expressing how important Love, Simon was to them. Some of them even shared with the internet that they came out to family and friends because of Simon’s story. Celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Matt Bomer, Kristen Bell, Joey Graceffa, Jennifer Garner, and many more bought out entire theaters for local fans to go see the movie. LGBT+ celebrities wrote long powerful messages expressing the importance of this film and how much they wish they could’ve seen it when they were in high school. So far, Love, Simon has made $34 million worldwide, $32 million of that was domestically. Although that doesn’t seem like a lot when films such as Black Panther still dominate the box office, but for a film such as this one, this was a huge step. Audiences had yet to see a high school love story such as this one being played on the big screen. No one would have expected it to be one of the biggest topics on social media or to touch the lives of millions but in this new, evolving society, “everyone deserves a great love story.”