Spring Break Blog


Hunter Dixon, Reporter

During spring break my family and I went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. This is my fifteenth time I’ve been to Mexico and it’s one of my favorite places to travel. In Cabo, we have two different time shares that we go to the first is in February and the other one is during spring break.

Day 1: On day one we landed in Mexico at 12:00 their time and then we had to drive an hour to get to our hotel in Cabo. The hotel we stay in is Playa Grande which is located right by the marina. Once we got to the hotel we greeted my Nana and Papa from Alaska that also come the same week as us. After that my brother and I went down to the beach and the to the pool to eat. Around dinner time we went to Maro’s Shrimp that we go to every year the restaurant and fresh seafood and a good surrounding. The whole restaurant is filled with college school flags from ceiling to floor, Maro the owner is a huge fan of college sports such as football and basketball.

Day 2: On the second day after breakfast by the marina we spend the day at the hotel and stayed by the pool and went to the beach. My brother and I played beach volleyball a few times and won every time. Then I went and tumbled on the beach a few times. That night we went to Panchos which is a restaurant that i’ve been going to sense I was 3. It’s a tradition for the whole family to go there the second night of our trip.

Day 3: Day three was pretty boring but relaxing all we did was stay by the pool all day and my brother and I went golfing. After golfing just my brother and I went to go get sushi and my Mom and Dad went to a restaurant in the hotel with my Nana and Papa.

Day 4: On the fourth day my whole family and I drove an hour away from town to go on Atv’s and ride them on the beach and through the mountains. This lasted for about two hours and I would say this was my favorite thing we did all together on the trip.

Day 5: In the morning my mom and I went to the spa and then after we went to the beach. At night the hotel had their fiesta so the whole family went with and we got to watch dancers and eat good food.

Day 6: On day six my dad, brother and I woke up at five to go fishing, we were out there all day and on the way back to the marina we each got a fish. My brother and I got roosterfish and my dad caught a marlin. That night we went to a restaurant where they cooked the fish and everyone in my family ate it and four other friends of ours.

Day 7: On the last day we had to leave around noon so we went to breakfast and said our goodbyes. Then we got in the cab and took the hour car ride back to the airport and got on the plane at two.

Overall I loved the trip and was so happy that I got to go down again this year and see my family and friends.