Student Volleyball Game


Camille Spencer, Reporter

Belvidere North again wanted to give students an opportunity to get out of their shell by the student volleyball game that was held on Saturday, March 3. This tournament allowed students to come together, build their own teams, and show off their skills to achieve. Whoever one this event, would get to play against the teachers in the student-faculty volleyball game on March 16. There ended up being four teams.

The senior team : Anna Westerberg (18’) Peyton Flynn (18’), Taylor Ferguson (18’),Danielle Leider (18’), Kenny Epperson (18’), Marco Yates (18’), Sawyer Paddock (18’), Evan Waddell (18’) and Cal Dierekcs (18’).

The black team : Macy Oldani (20’), Reese Foytik (20’), Hector Rodriguez (19’), Clayton Tryon (20’) and Bryce Seri (19’).

The white knights : Brianna Lake (19’), Franki Herter (19’), Breanna Kirane (19’), Colton Williams (19’), Jackson Kirane (19’), Matt Lamonica (19’) and Jourdan Irvin (19’).

Last but not least practice safe sets : Bennett Stille (19’), Aaron Mitchell (19’), Brinley Hefty (19’), Tanner Mateus (19’), Ashlyn Smith (19’),Jacob Leutcher (19’), Matthew Stark (19’), Sean Hesano (19’) and Annie O’malley (19’).

All teams played a good game in this tournament but they couldn’t defeat the almighty seniors. The team will compete with the teachers in the student faculty volleyball game. Good luck to all the seniors who are participating !