Boone County Treasurer Visit


Rachel Nelson, Reporter

There are a small group of elected people that dedicate their lives to maintaining Belvidere, Illinois.. One of these people is Boone County Treasurer and Collector, Curtis P. Newport.

Newport visited North on April 25 to talk to Mr. Jenkin’s government class. During the 25 minutes that I sat in, he talked about the local government roles, Boone County’s rank in population and square miles and five of the people he works with to better the Boone County community.

He showed the seniors a couple things that they may see when they graduate: a voting ballot and a letter that they will get when they own a home for paying taxes- which Newport jokingly called his “yearly love letter.”

He talked about some of his co-workers, explaining who they are and what they do. There is the County Board Chairman Karl Johnson, Sheriff Dave Ernest, State’s Attorney Tricia Smith, Circuit Clerk Linda Anderson and Clerk and Recorder Julie Stapler- who visited North earlier this year. He then talked about the Boone County Coroner Rebecca Wigget, who is the only person that has the authority to arrest the Sheriff should the need arise.

Belvidere North would like to give a big thank you to Newport for taking time out of his day to come speak to our seniors. We would also like to thank all of the other people who dedicate their lives to making Boone County a better place for its residents.