The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Natalie Abramat, News Editor

The Royal Family has been keeping busy lately after the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Cambridge had their third child, Prince Louis. The royal family comprises of more than thirty members, twenty four of which use Royal names, while the others use non traditional royal style. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been in the spotlight after their third child, Prince Louis, fifth in line, has been born. There is a reason why his birth is so important and it is because of a new law.

     The Perth Agreement allowed males to dominate the ruling, so therefore if an older sister of a prince was first in line to the throne, she would now become second in line because the younger brother would become first, even though he was younger. The male dominated law allowed men to come first and to rule instead of women. However, it has changed, allowing Princess Charlotte to keep her place in line for the throne.

     Another big event that is happening in the Royal Family is the royal wedding of Prince Harry and the normal American girl, Meghan Markle. The proposal came as a surprise to the Royal family, since it is nontraditional to marry someone outside the Royal lineage. Prince Harry proposed to Markle on November 27th, 2017. The Wedding might break traditional rules however, since the Markle is not a royal. Markle was an American Actress, starring in the show “Suits” for seven seasons.

     Markle met Harry through a blind date that his friend had set up for Harry and they ended up dating. Their dating became highly publicized. Eventually in September of 2017, Markle began to discuss her love for Harry and they appeared at multiple Royal sanctioned events such as the Invictus Games in Toronto. Finally, the two confessed their love for one another and decided they should tie the knot. Markle knew she would have to give up many things in order to become a member of the Royal family, which included her social media accounts and regular lifestyle. Their wedding will take place on May 19th. Many people anxiously await the day that the American Cinderella will finally join the Royal family and marry the man of her dreams.