End of the Baseball Season

End of the Baseball Season

Rachel Nelson, Reporter

The baseball season is quickly coming to a close. For the seniors, that means their high school baseball season is almost over.

The seniors on the team are: Evan Waddell, Nick Jarka, Sawyer Paddock, Sam Sisco, Art Vinke, James Kirane, Matt Belinson, Anthony Wilde, Gabriel Reyes, Miguel Ramirez, Preston Boardman and Brock Larson.

Losing 12 seniors will be hard on the team next year, but they have more than enough boys on the JV and Fresh/Soph teams to make up for it.

The team currently has a 5-5 conference record with wins against Belvidere, Auburn, Freeport, Jefferson and Boylan. Alternatively, they have lost against East, Guilford, Harlem, Freeport and Belvidere.

Sean Hassano (‘19)  hit a home run against Boylan helping get his team to a 10-6 win, so far that has been the only home run for the season.

Despite there being 12 seniors, only a couple of them start. This means that North’s varsity baseball team is pretty young. Starting include: Holden Paddock (‘20), S. Paddock, Michael Paddock (‘20), Waddell, Josh Tuttle (‘19), Zach Reidenbach (‘20), Sean Hesano (‘19) as DH, Carson Blatchford (‘20), Jacob Leutscher (‘19) at catcher and Brock Ashens (‘19).

A few of the best pitchers on the team are Boardman, Reidenbach, Jackson Kirane (‘19) and M. Paddock. Vinke is North’s number one, but has not pitched in two weeks due to an arm injury.

The team had a five game winning streak going in the middle of the season. Sadly, they couldn’t keep it going and lost to Freeport.

On May 9, they faced Guilford. In the first inning Sean Hesano hit a triple and then H. Paddock was next with a line drive single that drove in a run. North was up early 1-0. After Leutscher walked, Evan Waddell had a hit that went under the fence, and the fielder threw his hands up. Normally, this is a ground rule double. But after he raised his arms up, he reached for the ball. This means that it is live, and the runners can keep going. A horrible call by the ump ruled it as a ground rule double and the runners had to go back to second and third. This shook up the team a little bit, and things went downhill from there. Instead of being up 3-0 against the top pitcher in the NIC-10, North had to settle for only one run.

There was a rain delay which ended in the game to being finished the next day. North suffered a tough loss of 1-13.

The season is quickly coming to a close, and regionals is just around the corner. North opens regionals playing against Jefferson. The winner of that game moves on to play the top seed.