Make A Change


Burke Cochran, Editorials Editor

The 2017-2018 school year was North’s first year having the newest edition to our AP classes, AP Environmental Science.


The capstone of this class is a project worked throughout the second semester of the class, a project where the only guideline is to bring about a positive change.


Here’s what I did:


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust houses threatened species from across East Africa but most notably elephants and rhinos. It is the most successful elephant orphanage and rehabilitation center worldwide. They deal with the care of elephants, anti-poaching programs, a canine and aerial surveillance unit to detect other illegal animal products, habitat protection, and provisioning water for wildlife.


I adopted an elephant. This helps to take care of the elephants in the Orphanage. My money specifically went to buy milk-dependent elephant calves suitable formula. This orphanage is unique because the matriarch, Daphne Sheldrick, was the first person to ever perfect the formula for milk-dependent elephant calves.


The elephant that I adopted is named Kauro. Kauro was rescued from a well when he was one month old, but before his rescue an animal had bit off the tip of his trunk. Despite how young he was, he was (and still is) one of the larger elephants, outshining even the older elephants. He had a bacterial infection from the wound and the water in the well, but he got better with medication. Now, Kauro fits in just like any other elephant in the orphanage, and will probably be released back with the herds that are watched over by the Wildlife Trust in just a few months.


If you are interested in fostering an elephant, click here.