Belvidere City Clerk Visited Belvidere North

Lily Bakulski, Reporter

On May 1, the city clerk of Belvidere, Shauna Arco, Illinois visited Mr. Page’s Government class at Belvidere North High School. She informed the students of what she does for her job and how the government works in Belvidere.

The city clerk described this town as a municipality, which is a city or town that has corporate status and a local government. Municipalities have jobs for each city and some of their jobs include providing services. Some of these services are police protection, fire protection and street management. Transportation is one of the only things that Belvidere does not provide because the size of the city isn’t very big. The city hall is the main building in a city or sometimes there can be multiple depending on the size of the city.

County and city clerks have similar jobs, but their differences set them apart. In city hall, it is home to the mayor’s office, the city clerk’s office, the building department, the water department, planning and zoning department and they also house growth dimensions. City clerks do not collect taxes because that is the county treasurer’s job. There are two staff members that are responsible for helping the mayor’s office and the city attorney’s office.

Being a city clerk is not as easy as it may sound. Mrs. Archow explained that their day usually starts off with a phone call or someone coming into the building, telling them how bad of a job they are doing. She stated that “99 percent of their calls are complaints.” No two days are the same, each day is different. Even if the day starts off negative, the city clerk has to find a way to make it more positive.

“The information given was extremely interesting. To learn new facts I wouldn’t have known without this presentation about my town was very enlightening.”

Although Belvidere may seem boring, the municipality works hard to keep things under control in the small town. They try and do as best of a job that they can to keep all of its citizens happy. Thank you Mrs. Archow for taking your time to visit Belvidere North High School.