Summer jobs

Summer jobs

Natalie Abramat, News Editor

Teenagers are always looking for things to do during the hot summer days, whether it be swimming, biking, hanging out with friends and so forth. However, it is also a time for when the industry looks for young and hungry teens to join the workforce. It is often taboo nowadays to not see a teenager working. The reason many people are getting jobs at such young ages is because teenagers love to spend money, and in this generation, parents are pushing their children to learn about responsibility and thus, teens are working more than ever.

     Some great places to work in the area are, Belvidere Park District, Rockford Park district, any fast food places that may be hiring, craft stores, sports stores, pet stores and sometimes even summer camps. The park district is always looking for members to become a part of their team since their workforce has so much variety. They have a lifeguard program, sports program, ice rink, and park maintenance. The Rockford Park District is very similar as well, with the addition of many more facilities. If the park district doesn’t sound ideal, there is also fast food places. McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Wendy’s or even Starbucks are some to name. Many teenagers work at fast food places because it is a quick paced job and easier than most.

     If fast food doesn’t sound like a good place to work and the setting of the workplace needs to be quieter or more relaxed, a crafting store or sports store may be a more convenient place to work. Sports stores allow the worker to learn more about certain equipment an/or a specific brand. Crafting stores make for a quieter atmosphere and allow the worker to work peacefully. There are also great benefits for being an employee at a store. Most times, if a person is working at a fast food restaurant, they will get to take home food after a closing shift, or make themselves something to eat or drink while they work. It does not apply to every restaurant or fast food joint, but it is a possibility that the manager or owner will let their workers do it. If a person works at a convenience or clothing store, they often receive big discounts or deals.   

     Some places that are hiring are McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Aldi, Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, both Rockford and Belvidere Park districts, Wild West Town, and many more.

     With all the stores that are hiring, the interview process will begin shortly after a person puts in the application. To ensure the person can get the job, it is best to fill out the application at the certain place a person wants to work as soon as possible. The  jobs fill up very quickly so it is important to apply quickly. Interviews can seem scary, but being realistic, honest and flexible allows the hiring process to be more simplistic.