Summer Break 2018


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Lighthouse guarding the port to Nassau, Bahamas

Rachel Nelson, Reporter

With the end of the school year just around the corner, students are anxiously awaiting the final bell at 3:01 on Tuesday, May 22.

Every summer, students go their separate ways for roughly two and a half months of freedom before they are back in the confines of school. In those two and a half months, some travel, some play sports and some travel to different states. Others stay at home, choosing the relaxed life of sleeping in and not having to worry about catching flights.

Danielle Guenev (‘20) is going to use her summer break to travel to Bulgaria with her family.

Kylie Johnson (‘18) will be going to Arlington, Texas for a Junior Gold bowling tournament in July.

Grace Chadwick (‘20) will be traveling to Florida the day after school gets out for a week-long family getaway.

Lily Bakulski (‘20) is going to Colorado and Florida this summer.

Morgan Bucci (‘20) will be traveling to Florida.

Alyson McNabb (‘19) will be going to Seabrook Island, South Carolina.

Sofi Zeman (‘19) is going on a cruise to the Bahamas and going to a cabin in Wisconsin for her dad’s 50th birthday.

Kaylee Bowman (‘20) is going to be traveling all over: Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, France, England, Colorado, California, Wyoming and Missouri.

“I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to travel at such a young age. It makes me excited for the future and what is to come from these experiences,” said Bowman.

While some students travel, other stay home and work. Many students use the summer to get jobs.

Along with traveling, McNabb will be working at Magic Waters.

Serenity McCoy (‘19) is working at Culver’s in Belvidere.

Johnson will also be working at the family business, the Smokin’ Coop BBQ Pit, with her brother, Mason Johnson (‘19), best friend Morgan McNulty (‘18) and a few other students from North and Belvidere High School.

Working at Magic Waters with McNabb will be: Josie Johnson (‘19), Aaron Mitchel (‘19) and Mara Parker (‘20).

“It’s my second year working there this summer, but this year is going to be so much more fun now that I have some of my best friends working with me. I’m looking forward to a fun summer,” said McNabb.

Some popular places for students to work at in the summer are: Magic Waters, Belvidere Park District, Rockford Park District and Volcano Falls.