Girls Volleyball Is Set Into Action


Natalie Abramat, News editor

 The girls varsity volleyball team started their season off with three games this past week. On Tuesday, the girls varsity challenged Harlem, and beat them in the second half with a score of 25-14 the first game and 25-20 the second. The varsity team then traveled to Prairie Ridge. They lost both games to Prairie Ridge. Thursday the team played their second home game against Guilford. Both JV and varsity won easily against them, marking their second win out of three, with the two being home wins.

      “Belvidere North Volleyball is one of the most competitive sports at our school. It is difficult to get on varsity, let alone play. I am very grateful to be on the team. I know there are a lot of girls who would love to be in my position and my thirteen other team mates. We’re looking forward to going father this year,” Emma Carpenter (‘19).

     The girls varsity roster is made of talented and dedicated players, most of them being upperclassmen. The team is composed of fourteen young athletes, two of whom are freshmen. Last years season was very successful, despite their bumpy start.

     “We have a lot of talent, but we need to be able to learn to trust each other and play as one. We also can’t have a relapse of last years mentality. We would start winning, then lose and complete fall apart,” said Macy Oldani (‘20).

     The girls’ struggles began last season, as they lost the first five games of the 2017 season. By September they were able to start playing as a team, and had begun to win games. They continued to grow and slowly progress into a more prominent team. They managed to continue their winning streak all the way into October, until falling short against Palatine and Antioch. Although they may not have started the way they wanted to, they overcame their differences and finished the rest of the 2017 season strong. This year, the girls are determined to start and finish strong.

     This year we have a lot of potential and have a great group of girls, both new and experienced players. We have a strong senior class and two freshmen who are already making an immediate impact on our team. However, we are going to need to consistently play at a high level and work hard every night in order to reach our goals for this season. Our new coaching staff is just as hungry as we are to win and pushes us to our limits. We have high expectations for this season, but we will have to take it one game at a time, execute the game plan, and stick together as a team,” said Alexandra Wis (‘19).

     The girls JV team is also putting in the work to ensure they keep up their game. They started off valiant, with a win against Harlem and Guilford, their conference stance being 2-1. They lost however to Prairie Ridge, a non-conference match. Both varsity and JV are fighting to win conference and make it further than regional’s this year. Varsity also received a new coach, Amanda Carlson.

     “She knows a lot about volleyball and she knows how to train us to get further than regionals. She has a lot of experience, as she has coached at Boylan and Lutheran. She expects more out of us and wants us to be the best that we can be,” said Carpenter.

     The upcoming season is sure to be an exciting one, as the girls have made it clear to every school and every athlete that they run the volleyball court.