Summer 2018 Traveling


The Black Sea, located near Bulgaria and Romania

Lily Bakulski, Editor

The summer of 2018 was a big success as many students from Belvidere North spent their summer traveling around the country and even around the world. The students here at North made sure that their three short months of summer were going to be spent right.

On May 22, 2018, students of Belvidere North had trips planned for their summer to travel around the United States and to travel the world. Students lived in other countries for quite some time and some just spent one short week down south. Joseph Trimble (‘19) and his brother Justin Trimble (‘21) took a week out of their summer vacation to travel to Houston, Texas, for a missions trip,  where they built new homes for Hurricane Harvey victims. They left mid July and rode in a bus, with other kids from their church, down south, where they stayed in a church and had to withstand the humidity while building for the victims.

“The first part of the trip was boring because we had to be in a bus for roughly 22 hours, but once we got there, we learned about our mission and that’s when we started having fun. It was an awesome experience to be able to know how much we helped victims of Hurricane Harvey. I will never forget it,” said Joseph Trimble (‘19).

Another student, Grace Chadwick (‘20), went to the white sandy beaches down in Florida. Her and her brother stayed in Clearwater for a week, where their backyard was an ocean. They both had never seen the ocean before,  so they spent their week exploring it.

“It was my first time seeing an ocean and it was just incredible. I had a ton of fun on the trip and I cannot wait to go back,” says Chadwick.

Most people do not like staying away from home for too long when on vacation because they start to miss their pets and living in their own home. Just imagine living in a different country for two weeks or more. However, Danielle Guenev (‘20) did. She traveled around Europe, but she mainly stayed in Bulgaria where her grandparents live.

“I travel to Bulgaria every summer to visit my grandparents. My whole family lives there. It’s fun to stop in a different country everytime I go. My dad is from Plovdiv, it’s one of the oldest cities in Europe. We also go to the Black Sea every year and spend time on the beach there and we also visited the old city, Nesbar,” said Guenev.

Caleb Zeman (‘19) and his family took a cruise that left from Miami and went all the way to the bahamas. He went on adventures that many people do not get to experience in a lifetime and explored a different country as well.

“My family and I went on a cruise that started in Miami and went to the Bahamas. In between that, we visited some cool islands that were awesome places to explore. There was food everywhere I turned and I even played in a basketball tournament down there. Rock climbing was really fun too,” said Zeman.

Although the summer of 2018 flew by, many memories were made that will last a lifetime. Seeing an ocean for the first time, living in another country for the summer and helping the victims of a horrible tragedy are what bring friends and family together. Since the school year started, students and staff are already counting down the days till the summer of 2019 is here. 217 days and students can finally enjoy themselves again.