Tips For Underclassmen From Seniors


Natalie Abramat, News editor

The start of a new year often brings confusion and turmoil for underclassmen as they begin their journey through a strange and new school. Whether it is getting ready for a longer day, or having multiple classes upstairs or on the main level; without a doubt, it will surely take time to get adjusted. For a senior who has nearly experienced every aspect of North, here are a few tips to get ready and experienced for the next four years.

     The first recommended tip is to go to bed at a reasonable time. The reason most students are tired and unprepared for class is because they aren’t going to bed and receiving proper resting time. Studies indicate that most teenagers need to receive at least nine hours of sleep, however most don’t even receive seven. Students also use excuses such as studying or work to say they couldn’t get to bed on time.

      “Studying actually helps, you just need to find out what works best for you. But don’t study to the point where you’re getting no sleep because then you’ll be too tired to focus.” Darby Dempsey (‘19).

     It is also important to put away or turn off all technology at least thirty minutes before going to bed. This allows the brain to have a proper shut off for the day and prepares the body for sleep. Sleep is essential for any person, but especially students.

     The next tip is to make sure all work is completed and turned in on time. This may seem like common sense to most, but many students forget or push it off and then worry when they only get half or no credit when turned in a day later. Teachers expect their students to do their work, whether it be on a chromebook or on paper, and to turn it in when it is due. Not only does getting homework done prepare the students for the upcoming lesson, it allows the student to think independently about the topic.

     “Don’t wait til eleven o’ clock on a sunday night to do all your homework. The more you get done sooner, the easier your life will be.” Maddie Wendt (‘19).

     As student’s progress through grades, the work will become more difficult, especially in Advanced Placement classes. These courses are optional, but are very beneficial in preparation for college level courses. Sometimes AP classes will have summer homework and the assignments must be completed and turned in the first day of school. It’s crucial to make time to do the assignment over the summer so that the first grade in the class isn’t a zero.  

Never be afraid to ask for help either. Teachers aren’t here to see their students fail, even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like that. They will more than likely be willing to help any of their students.

     This third tip is also imperative. Don’t run in the halls or stand and socialize with friends while other students are trying to get to class. Just don’t do it; not only is it annoying and frustrating, but causes unnecessary commotion. Everyone just wants to get where they are going as fast and as orderly as they can, don’t make it difficult for others.

     The last and final piece of information is that every student should get the chance to experience the fun and craziness North has to offer. It will seem scary at first to be in a larger setting, walking up and down the stairs and having different ages in the classes, but for most it is a positive experience.

     “Have fun with the time you’ve got left, but also don’t forget; You still have four more years of stress and frustration, just try and survive it all.” Maddie Wendt (‘19).

     Attend homecoming, go to the football games and cheer on the team, scream at the pep rallies and try to take every moment in strife. Senior year will be here in blink of an eye, so try to keep up and enjoy high school while it lasts.