Theater Auditions are Coming Up


Charles Vazquez

Arthur Vinke (18)

Mathew Turn, Reporter

    With the new school year comes many things for students to do, such as after-school activities. Though many students go into sports like football, basketball, and baseball, there are things to do other than sports like theatre.

   The theatre group are holding auditions on August 27 and 28 for a comedy called Harvey. The play is about an adult named Elwood with an imaginary six-foot-tall white rabbit friend named Harvey. As she has to come to terms with her brother having Harvey, and all the uncomfortable times it will bring. The play will start on October 19 through the 21 and is free for everyone who comes to the Performing Arts Center.

   Though some may not want to be in a play because of the time it consumes,  the time commitment is not as bad as they may seem. The auditions are typically light-hearted and fun.  

“All the fun that we have cuts down on the nervousness you may feel auditioning,” said Kaitlyn Roth (21).

     For auditions, you have to pick one or two characters that seem interesting to you. Then you can act out a scene from the play, in front of a small group of people. As Ms. Taylor will then choose the parts based on the performances while keeping in mind what parts you would like to act as.

      Practices happen at the Performing Arts Center and can range from being light-hearted to serious as it gets closer and closer to showtime. As the days grow nearer to the show the practices will become longer, from originally being a two-hour practice after school to lasting until nine o’clock at night. Most nights that go onto nine a parent or teacher will get everyone something to eat in order to keep on going.

     Though there are enough people most of the time help is always appreciated whether it is backstage work, tech support or even playing a background role. Theatre is in need of male actors as many roles that are supposed to be male roles they change to female roles if not enough boys can take the spots.

     The many aspects of theatre can appeal to all types of students.

     “It’s is hard to choose one aspect about theatre that appeals to me, everything about it makes it an overall very interesting experience,”  said Mark Magallanes (21).