Opportunities: blended classes, sports, and clubs

Opportunities: blended classes, sports, and clubs

Citlalli Perez, Reporter

The start of a new school year brings a plethora of opportunities for all grade levels; entering and returning. Whether trying a new sport would be of interest or joining a school club, there are many opportunities for all to explore.

Introduced to some of the teachers and students at North during the 2017-2018 school year was a new branch of teaching in the classroom: blended classes, or teaching some days of the week and permitting students to not attend class the others.

The process of establishing blended classes for District 100 classrooms will be a lengthy process.

“I think that blended classes are a good choice if you absolutely need to do them, coming from experience it was harder to grasp the material because you’re self-taught, but in the long run it might be easier,” said Yesenia Vizguerra.

Though this method of teaching is still in progress of being established, the idea of blended classes is a great, flexible way for students who are on the go and are unable to attend the class that day.

Belvidere North Athletics have a great selection of extracurricular activities such as cross country, football, soccer, tennis, golf, swimming and diving, co-ed cheerleading, poms, and volleyball.

Students are able to try out for any sport available during every season. There are typically three different levels to any sport: Varsity, JV, and Fresh-Soph.

For those with experience in a sport usually, make the Varsity team. Those who have room for improvement make the JV team. Fresh-Soph is a combination of a sophomore and freshman team.

“Even though I was on the bench, I still experienced the whole game. The only thing you could do was watch, but being the manager, I felt very involved. I felt like I was playing with them.” said Yamilet Perez (‘21).

Not the athletic type, become an athletic supporter. Most sports teams at North consists of one-two managers. Managers build bonds with the athletes and especially the coach.

Students have the privilege to explore the world of teamwork, effort, and commitment.

Playing a sport, while representing your school is an emotion indescribable to the unknown.

Whether you enjoy the cool breeze of the autumn season, or the unbearable winter snow, or the warm, cloudy spring feel, you’ll never know the experience until you attempt.  

At North, we offer a great variety of clubs that might pique your interest. If you find yourself enrolled in a foreign language class, join the German or Spanish club. If you are fascinated in all topics related to science, join Science Olympiad.

The opportunities are endless. Explore a new interest or hobby, make new friends, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t regret any opportunities of joining a club or a sport; be aware and be involved in the department of opportunities.