Belvidere North Requiring Student IDs to be Shown at Door


Justin Trimble (21) Marissa Johnson (21)

Marissa Johnson, Reporter

North has just announced its new upcoming policy change to now require student ID to be shown before student enter the building. Starting this Monday on August, 27th. Staff members will be at doors 1,13 and 25 to check IDs from all students attending Belvidere North High School.

On Wednesday, 22nd all Northway classes introduced the new policy, the presentation was only a general idea of what the new requirement actually was. If a student loses or misplaces their 2018 Belvidere North High School IDs they will be given a new ID, there will be a fee of 5 dollars for a replacement ID.” I don’t think students should have to pay if they lose their ID because mistakes happen. If you are constantly losing your ID, then you should have to pay a fee.” Emily Rodriguez (21) There is consequences for not having the ID when a staff member asks for it at the door. Student who fail to present their Belvidere North High School ID will be sent to office B.

Mr. Fry stated that this new requirement “is in fact permanent and not temporary.” He made it clear that, “although it will take a while to get used to, all students will get used to showing their IDs so it won’t cause any trouble.” Mr. Fry also let it be known that last year a group of students came to staff members suggesting the idea. After the students suggested the policy, staff members jumped right on board with them.

Belvidere North isn’t the first high school to require all student to show their IDs before entering the building. Belvidere High School (BHS) has had this requirement for over 6 years. There are positives and negatives to this new policy. Most students feel that checking IDs is going to be very time consuming and a waste of time. “There was such a big line this morning and showing IDs is very time consuming.” Hailie Hill (21) It will definitely take time to get used to this new policy change. Keeping in mind that this new policy will furthermore ensure safety for every student attending Belvidere North.