Daniel Murphy trade covered in controversy


Will Sieracki, Reporter

     The Cubs recently acquired Daniel Murphy from the Washington Nationals for one minor leaguer and cash considerations. It was an absolute steal for the Cubs, as Murphy had gotten on base in every game he’s played as a Cub so far until yesterday. Looking at it as purely a baseball trade, it was a great move. But it isn’t that simple. Murphy has a well-documented history of being anti-LGBTQ, stating in 2015 that he disagreed with MLB’s Ambassador for Inclusion Billy Bean’s “lifestyle, 100 percent.” Bean came out as gay to the public in 1999. Murphy was asked about it again this year, and he dodged the question by not giving a real answer. So now the question comes of whether morals really matter in sports or not. This isn’t the first time the Cubs have come under fire for a move. In 2016, the Cubs traded for Aroldis Chapman, whom at the time had a domestic violence case hanging over his head. The Cubs brass has made their thoughts on non-baseball issues crystal clear; they don’t matter. If the player produces on the field, everything else is irrelevant. Now that way of thinking obviously helps your team, but in the Cubs’ case, some fans aren’t too happy. Fans all over Twitter criticized the move, especially when he led off the game on the “Out at Wrigley” day, which is a day geared towards LGBTQ Cubs fans. To the relief of that section of fans, Murphy likely won’t be here past this season, as he’s set to become a free agent. Or maybe the Cubs will re-sign him, only time will tell. No matter how long Murphy remains a Cub, his time in the uniform will be remembered negatively for his personal thoughts, but hopefully positively for some postseason highlights as well.