Changes to District100 Education


Burke Cochran, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

District 100 is enacting a large variety of educational changes that will be implemented for this year’s cohort of high school freshman.


District 100 is part of a pilot program that is aiming to redesign high school. The program is based on competency-learning and will help to aim students toward certain career or college study fields upon graduation. Sx other schools joined the program at the same time as Belvidere; however, there are more schools that joined the program earlier, totalling 15.


The competency-based learning initiative will reform the current schooling by aiming it more towards real-world usage. Students will be able to earn credits in ways other than traditional coursework, and more coursework will be based off of real-world challenges. These aspects together will help students attain career knowledge beyond those normally obtained by the time students graduate high school.


At North, this means a few different things.


First, students will create their educational plan. This means selecting courses that will end up supporting the career endorsement students hope to attain.


There are seven different college and career pathways in the endorsement system. Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; Arts and Communications; Finance and Business Services; Human and Public Services; Health Sciences and Technology; Information Technology; and Manufacturing, Engineering, and Trades are the seven endorsements students may attain.


The second step is students completing the endorsement-related coursework. Information regarding electives to take for each endorsement, as well as possible career fields for each endorsement, are available on the Course Catalog.


Then, students engage in professional learning. This includes engaging in activities that will allow for exploration of the educational or career field students are interested in. At North, steps to take for professional learning could be joining a club related to the endorsement, or seeking out job/internship opportunities.


The last is achieving academic success in the area of the endorsement. Students should set achievable goals related to their academic achievement and aim to complete them. With the new model set up by the district, students should show academic strength in core competencies as well as specialized knowledge in their endorsement field.