Lunchroom Dysfunction


Justin Trimble, reporter

     Lunch is the most important part of the school day for many people. It can be the highlight of your day or the worst part. For most, lunch is a great time to relax, chat with friends, and get some food before afternoon classes. North has made some interesting changes to the cafeteria meals this year; it’s the same food as last year, but there are some major changes.

     The biggest change overall is the trays themselves are not the styrofoam plates with room for an entre, milk, and three sides anymore. Instead, the trays are small nacho boats. These little bowls have no sections in them and don’t have enough room to carry all the food that a student is able to take. Students have asked the cooks and the workers working in the lunchroom, “where am I supposed to put my milk?” they reply every time with “just carry it.”

     Another change is the food itself. Some students’ favorites are gone. they are replaced with new items, including seasoned potato wedges and a breakfast pizza topped with scrambled eggs and beans.

     The lunch ladies are not very happy about the changes as well as the students. Many students ask them about where to put their milk on their trays.

     “There’s a better way to go about it,” complains one of the lunch ladies, that asked not to be named, “It’s ridiculous that the people in charge thought that they could make so many budget cuts and think that it wouldn’t bother anyone.”

     The students can’t hold all the food they want now. since the boats are only big enough for an entree and a side. If a student chooses a side such as peaches or applesauce, then your slice of pizza combines with your side, restricting the student from being able to separate their food.

     There are a few good things about these boats, however. They give the school a little more money, they’re better than wasteful styrofoam trays, and they are designed for the school lunch. The trays aren’t the perfect choice, but they are usable for a school lunch.

All in all, the school lunches have changed a lot from last year, and with those changes comes a lot of complaints and being able to adapt to the new ways of the lunchroom. When you walk into the lunchroom, just know it’s going to be okay.