Color Guard


Matthew Turn, Reporter

Marching band has a lot of routines to practice for. One thing that is usual for marching band is to have a color guard but Belvidere North doesn’t have one and some want it back.

Even though we did have a color guard before people lost interest in it over time and after a staff member left to BHS no one came in to replace her and it did not come back, but now it may come back as more and more people like Felicity who say.

“ I think we should bring it back as a lot of schools have bands with color guards and it adds something to the halftime show,” said Felicity Roman (20).

Though people like Felicity want color guard back, according to Mr. Aska, the band and mixed choir teacher.“We do have another staff member looking into doing it for next year.” 

Though people want to join it next year it might not happen as even Aska does not say if it will definitely be coming back or not which may be a disappointment to many if it does not come back.