XXXtentaction’s Death

XXXtentactions Death

Nico Arena, Reporter

Did you know on average an American listens to thirty-two hours of music a week? Which totals to just under two days of playing some sort of music. The death of a famous rapper in June this summer has reportedly impacted the hip-hop rap scene forever. In Deerfield Beach, Florida, XXXtentaction was shot. News of this incident broke the internet. Within the course of 24 hours, there were few who hadn’t heard what happened. XXX was twenty years old.
Prior to the shooting, he was charged with allegations for sexually harassing a girl. After 3 months of fighting the case and being in jail for some time, he was finally found innocent and his rapping career resumed after a minor delay.
Many artist looked at him as different because all of the face tattoos and the constant hair change, this changed after he was shot. He was an inspiration to many young artists. Youth from across the nation collected to mourn his death, missing the messages that he shared in his lyrics But there were many people that took his life for granted, those that didn’t knew that it was unreal pain who believes he was alive months after his murder. Artists rapidly posted on social media paying their respects, most changed their profile pictures to his face and one of his closest friend actually changed his hair style. Some got tattoos of quotes or of his face It soon became incredibly popular for artists to play his songs at the end of their concert.
The world needs to have someone who talks to older and younger music listener and that’s what XXX did with bringing everyone together listening to his songs, he wasn’t ready to go and his positive message will fill the ones he influenced forever.