NFL Week 1


Rachel Nelson, Sports Editor

Week One has come and passed for the NFL. This time of year is what football fans are looking forward to. The rush of adrenaline when their team gets a touchdown, the feeling of rage when they let the opposing team score. This is also the time of year when many friends are quarreling because they favor different teams.

The Falcons took on the Eagles on Thursday and lost 12-18. On Monday, the Jets played the Lions and won 48-7 and the Rams played the Raiders and won 33-13.

The rest of the games were played on Sunday. The Bengals played the Colts winning 34-23. The Bills and the Ravens versed, the Ravens winning 47-3.

The Buccaneers played the Saints winning 48-40. The Texans played the Patriots but lost 20-27. Similarly, the 49ers played the Vikings and lost 16-24.

Titans and Dolphins game ended with the Titans losing 20-27. The Jaguars-Giants game ended with the Jaguars winning 20-15. The Chiefs-Chargers game finished with the Chiefs at 38 and the Chargers at 28.

The Cowboys-Panthers game ended with the Panthers at 16 and the Cowboys at 8. The Redskins took on the Cardinals and won 24-6. The Seahawks played the Broncos and lost 24-27. The Jets played the Lions and won 48-17, while the Rams played the Raiders and won 33-13.

Highlights from the first week included the Packers beating the Bears 24-23 after the Bears had a lead of 20-0. Aaron Rodgers, the Packers quarterback, got injured in the second quarter and returned in the second half, leading his team to their win over the Bears.

Another highlight the Steelers-Browns overtime tie. The overtime allowed the Browns to avoid their 18th consecutive regular season loss. This was the NFL’s first Week One tie since 1971.

Even with the debates going on about it, there were still some players that kneeled during the National Anthem. That makes this the third season that players have been protesting to raise awareness of police brutality and societal inequality for people of color.

With Week Two just beginning, there are many fans who hope that their team will get stuff figured out, and others that hope their team keeps doing well. Only time will tell what is to come of the rest of the season.