Celebrate the Little Things


Anna Hulstedt, Features Editor

      Our lives revolve around holidays. School breaks, vacations, and special events all coincide with the important days throughout the year. Holidays are an excellent time to celebrate our culture and beliefs through fun traditions and memories to last a lifetime.

      Besides important holidays throughout the year, there are small, fun holidays every day. These national holidays include, but are not limited to, National Donut Day, National Clean up your Desk Day, or even Squirrel Appreciation Day. These days throughout the year are put in place to celebrate the little things in life, popular foods and animals, and more serious holidays to recognize world issues and historical events.

      These national holidays are determined from ideas submitted by individuals on nationaldaycalendar.com that wish to make their passions into a celebration. This website provides an extensive list of all of the national holidays and awareness months for the entire year.

      Anyone can try to establish a national holiday on the website’s application. However, not all ideas are accepted. Within a year, the website receives approximately 10,000 ideas, but only 25 to 30 ideas are chosen per year. The focus of the holidays pertains more so to the name and not the brand. For example, there is a National Coffee Day, but not a National Starbucks Day. These holidays aim to create something that everyone can celebrate.

      Below is a list of September national holidays. Whether you mess with play-dough on the 16th, talk like a pirate on the 19th, have a chocolate milk party on the 27th, or save your photos on the 30th, these holidays can make for a fun celebration to recognize the little things in life.

1- Beard Day

2- Blueberry Popsicle Day

3- US Bowling League Day

4- Macadamia Nut Day

5- Cheese Pizza Day

6- Read a Book Day

7- Salami Day

8- Ampersand Day

9- Teddy Bear Day

10- TV Dinner Day

11- Make your Bed Day

12- Chocolate Milkshake Day

13- Peanut Day

14- Cream-Filled Donut Day

15- Double Cheeseburger Day

16- Play-Dough Day

17- Apple Dumpling Day

18- Air Force Birthday

19- Talk Like a Pirate Day

20- String Cheese Day

21- POW/MIA Day

22- Elephant Appreciation Day

23- Great American Pot Pie Day

24- Punctuation Day

25- Lobster Day

26- Pancake Day

27- Chocolate Milk Day

28- Strawberry Cream Pie Day

29- Ghost Hunting Day

30- Save Your Photos Day