Homecoming Perspectives


Katie Konen, Reporter

Homecoming is a traditional dance to bring in the new school year.  When some people think of homecoming they think of it as a night to get all dolled up and have fun, other people think of homecoming as a dance they will not attend.  Many people see homecoming as a school event they have to experience, but other view it as a regular day with nothing special to it.

Usually the reason students do not want to go to homecoming is because it’s very expensive and they don’t see a point in spending all that money just to be sweaty in a huge mosh pit with people they don’t even know that well.  

Jocie Horner(‘20) is one of many students at North who have decided they are not going to attend the homecoming dance this year.

“I do not want to go to homecoming this year because our school took all the fun out of it.  It’s really fun to get dresses and do everything leading up to the dance, but then it’s not fun anymore.  You spend all the money on your dress, shoes, nails, hair, etc, to not even have fun. I hope this year it is better for everyone actually going,” said Horner.

Most students want to go to homecoming because they forget about the price and see it as a night to spend with their friends and have a good time.  Homecoming is a way to come out of your shell and meet new people, and even reconnect with old friends. It’s also a good way to show school pride and cheer on school athletics during the week.  

Kalen Cottrell(‘21) is one of many other students who are planning on attending the dance this year.

“I want to go to homecoming this year so I can go dress shopping because I find it really fun.  I love how you get to find a unique dress that no one else has and it’s always fun taking cute pictures with all of your friends.  My favorite part of the dance is that when you walk in it’s very decorated to go with the theme. The room is dark with colored lights that automatically gets you in the mood to dance and have a good time,” said Cottrell.

Overall, I suggest going to homecoming at least once to get the experience, create memories that will last a lifetime, and just to have fun.