Who wrote the Times op-ed regarding Trump?


Will Sieracki, Reporter

The political world has been swirling over the last several days after an op-ed written by someone within Donald Trump’s administration was released by The New York Times. It claimed that there are people within the administration working to undermine the President. Naturally, both sides criticized the Times for publishing the editorial in the first place. No one really believed that it was real. And even if it were real, why wouldn’t they go public? Or on the other end, there’s no way it’s real because there isn’t any turmoil in the administration at all. Aside from the hearings for new Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, this has dominated news regarding U.S. politics.

There are many people that think the Times are grasping at straws looking for something anti-Trump, but there is one prime suspect that many think wrote the editorial; Vice President Mike Pence. Pence has historically used the word “lodestar” in speech and conversation, and the word is used within the editorial. If it were any other word, that theory would have so many gaps. But the word “lodestar” isn’t a commonly used word, and the only person in the Trump administration that uses it is Pence. When asked a question regarding said theory, The New York Times didn’t confirm or deny that the author was Pence, saying that the theory was “interesting” and that they applauded the people who started it. The whole situation’s popularity has died down some due to the hearings and Hurricane Florence, but the story is still very much worth pursuing. Maybe there really is someone trying to undermine President Trump, but we’ll never really know for sure.