North Football is Ringin’ the Bell


Lily Bakulski, Sports Editor

Belvidere North High School is currently 3-1 in the NIC-10 conference. This August and September, they have faced; Boylan, Jefferson, Belvidere and Auburn. Their only lost this season has been to Boylan, but they fought back and beat Jefferson, Belvidere and Auburn, putting them third in conference. Their next game will be played this Friday, September 21, against Hononegah at Hononegah High School.

On August 24, Belvidere North traveled to Boylan High School to play them for their first game of the season. Belvidere North scored only two touchdowns this game and ended up losing 34-14. Touchdowns were scored by running back, Clay Davis (‘19) and quarterback, Holden Paddock (‘20). Davis rushed 114 yards in the Boylan game and had 17 carries. He currently leads the team with 600 rushing yards and eight touchdowns.

The first Friday of September, the boys all traveled to Wyeth Stadium where they played Jefferson High School. Although the players of Jefferson were fast, the coaches had a plan to tackle their speed and run the ball on offense. The offensive line allowed Paddock to have 14 carries and for Davis to have 23 carries. Jordan Irvin (‘19) and Natt Williams (‘19) both had three carries that game. Belvidere North won this game, beating Jefferson 42-18. The players of Belvidere North walked into week three ready to play their crosstown rivals, Belvidere High School, their crosstown rivals.

The offensive line, Joseph Trimble (‘19), Trever Dawson (‘20), Christian Molosz (‘20), Michael Standish (‘19) and Jacskon Kirane (‘19), picked up blitzing linebackers which allowed Paddock to run the ball. The crowd went wild when Elliot Powers (‘20) scored the first touchdown 30 seconds into the game.

“Not gonna lie, it was expected, but it was such an adrenaline rush,” said Powers.

North took the victory, shutting Belvidere out 56-0. Both Brock Ashens (‘19) and Tommy Wenger (‘19) had interceptions this game. The players rang the bell at home and earned the crosstown trophy which is now how to Belvidere North until next season.

During week four, North traveled back to Wyeth Stadium where they played Auburn High School. Even though Auburn’s team is fast, coaches for North decided to run at their speed which worked previously with Jefferson.

“We ran at Jefferson’s speed and it was a success. We stopped their offense and our offensive line stopped their defense. Against Belvidere, their defense set up to tackle our speed, but we ran the ball on the outside because we knew their game plan. We have two options in week four and our goal is to accomplish those plays and take home the win,” said Coach Oldani.

Ashens had two more picks on the season against Auburn and leads the team in interceptions. The boys fell behind Auburn in the first quarter, but the offense got back in it and took down their speed just like planned. North beat Auburn 37-24 and they are currently sitting at 3-1 in the conference.

At this time last year, Belvidere North was behind schedule. They took a tough loss to Auburn which had them sitting at 1-2 in conference. Coach Oldani stated that the boys are ahead of schedule this year and that they hope to stay that way, so they will be guaranteed a spot in playoffs. To make it into playoffs, the football team would need to win at least five games. This week they are traveling to Hononegah High School where they will face the number one team in the conference. Belvidere North is currently in a tie for second place with Boylan Catholic High School, but hopes to change that in the upcoming weeks.