Border Patrol officer who murdered four women


Yasmin Vizguerra, Reporter

On Saturday night, a border patrol officer was arrested after killing four women and attempting to murder the fifth in the span of two weeks.

The officer, Juan David Ortiz, supposedly knew the victims who were alleged sex workers.

Ortiz armed his house late Saturday night, ready for a confrontation with the police and hoped to be shot by pretending his phone was a gun but was detained around 2 a.m.

Ortiz is being labeled a serial killer after killing the four women.

He was known for his hatred towards the community but no one knows for sure why he killed the women.

Ortiz was held in Laredo on the four counts of murder as well as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful restraint linked to the fifth women who managed to escape before Ortiz killed her.

He’s currently being held on a $2.5 million bond after he confessed to the four murders.

People shouldn’t be afraid of what people are capable of.

Ortiz was a border patrol officer who seemed to have no criminal background and nothing pointed to why he did what he did.

So the question is, why?

What went through his mind that possessed him to do this?

“People like that are really crazy and makes people scared to be alone at night walking home,” said Christina Petges (‘20).

It is believed that Ortiz worked alone. No jail record lists an attorney for him.

What still doesn’t make sense is how someone who’s supposed to have a laid-back job when it comes to how violent things they come in contact with would go to the lengths of murdering four women in the span of a two week period.

The women killed most likely didn’t suspect anything but doing their job which resulted in their brutal deaths.

But that’s the thing, no one knows what someone is capable of.

The women, who most likely worked as sex workers for money, were not suspected of anything but that’s what made them an easier target.

Ortiz knew they were looking for a serial killer but showed up every day to work like nothing had happened so no one would suspect a thing.

That’s what makes it so terrifying; you could be a co-worker thinking they’re not as twisted in the mind as they really are, not as cynical as they really are until they’re arrested for brutally murdering women, showing you don’t know who you can really trust.

“What he did shows that you don’t know who you can trust and have to be careful walking alone in the streets or anywhere,” said Yamilet Perez (‘21).

So what do we do?

There’s nothing we can truly do besides taking precautions but what about your neighbor across the street? Are they crazy? Are they just as twisted as some serial killers?

These are questions a suspecting person may ask because they don’t know who they can trust.

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who watches a lot of videos about serial killers that talk about them and am constantly wondering how people can trust people like that that ultimately leads to their death.

But then you see that they don’t seem as twisted as they give off, they seem totally harmless and that’s why they may not be terrified of them.

That’s the case with Ortiz, there were no signs that pointed to why he did that.

He was a part of the Navy for a decade but was discharged, no one said why.

Hopefully, these questions among others are answered soon but in the meantime, we’re all left wondering about who we can trust and what leads someone to do those kinds of thing.