shark attack gone fatal


Justin Trimble, reporter

Arthur Medici, was killed by a shark last weekend. He was at the beach surfing which was his regular weekend on a sunny day in cape cod Massachusetts. He was there with his friends until he was caught in the jaws of a Great White shark. This is the first death in Massachusetts since 1936.

He was 26 years old when he died. He was a nice man with an interesting story. He was born in Brazil with his family was top of his class in high school. And came to the U.S. for more schooling.

Great White sharks do not hunt people but can think that we are prey on a great occasion thinking that we are seals or other mammals in the sea. It’s still safe enough to swim in the ocean but knows that there’s always that very small chance of danger being literally right under your nose.

With only 88 worldly unprovoked shark attacks worldwide only 5 were fatal last year. There were millions of people that foiled into beaches last year so don’t have this article make you never see the beauty of the ocean.

All in all this whole story is another opportunity to remind the community how there are ways to keep you safe and still relax at the beach. Some of these safety tips are usual when swimming don’t go in water where you can’t stand.others are more logical such as If you see seals get away from them because that’s what sharks eat and you never know when one might want a meal.

The worst thing that can happen if you have a question is someone can’t answer it that’s why we have opportunities to other sources of knowledge.

The more you go to the beach the more you’d know how to avoid them talk to the lifeguards on duty if you want to become a regular at this beach. Talk to them about the temperature of the oceans during times of the day and what the regular rotation of wildlife is. The more you know all around about the area you are in the safer you will be for an emergency.