Affirmative action should die before any more discrimination takes place.


Racism against Asian-Americans in college admission is a very real thing.

Will Sieracki, Reporter

     Racial discrimination is still a very real problem here in America, whether you choose to believe it is or not. It’s a shame that as a society, we still haven’t truly progressed past the rhetoric of the Jim Crow and segregation era earlier in this millennium. Sure, there are measures in place, but it hasn’t been and it seems like it will never be enough. As the reader, you may be wondering where this is going. So, here it is; this is about the case Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) v. Harvard. SFFA, the plaintiffs, claim that Harvard University unfairly discriminated against Asian-Americans. The university allegedly ranked Asian-American applicants lower than white, African-American, and Latino/Latina students on personality traits like kindness, likability, and “positive personality.” These lower ratings on personality traits essentially tanked these students’ chances of being admitted into Harvard, despite having the highest ranks in terms of GPA, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities, which are all things that we’re told are essential for admission to any college or university anywhere. But not even the test scores are a safe benchmark; at least not for Asians. Per a study conducted by Thomas Espenshade, Chang Chung, and Joan Walling of Princeton University, African-American applicants were gifted a staggering 230 “bonus” points to their SAT scores. Latino/Latina applicants had 180 additional points added to their scores as well. When it comes to Asian applicants, 50 points were removed from theirs. It’s readily accessible fact that it is more difficult for Asian-American students to be admitted into an institute of higher education than it is for white, black, or Latino/Latina students. And to fix this issue, SFFA is simply asking for one thing: for race to be removed from the college admissions process altogether. In the lawsuit, they say that rulings from the Supreme Court in favor of affirmative action have “been built on mistakes of fact and law.” Affirmative action, to be blunt, is racial discrimination. Because of this government-mandated “equality,” schools and workplaces admit and hire people not on their merits, but the color of their skin so they can fill their proper “quotas.” This simply isn’t right. Sugarcoated racism is still racism. Shouldn’t all college applications be race-free? If this were the case, everyone would have a much better shot at being admitted into college or university. Can’t have racial quotas when you don’t know the students’ races until they arrive on campus. To take it further, eliminate the social class as a step on applications as well. Institutes of higher education shouldn’t need to know how much money your family makes yearly. In my opinion, these colleges and universities should judge whether to admit you or not based on test scores, extracurricular activities, (a) letter(s) of recommendation, and a personal essay. There are no swaying factors that I see here. Only then will we truly be able to see real equality in college admissions.