North’s Football is Starting Their Playoff Push

Norths Football is Starting Their Playoff Push

Caden Brannan, Reporter

North traveled to Freeport for the chance to clinch a playoff spot. There was a lot at stake for both teams, North needed one win to clinch a playoff bid, while Freeport needed to win their last two games to get a playoff bid. North started off strong and scored on their first drive. North’s defense was strong the whole first half and North went into halftime up 10-0. In the second half, North’s offense struggled to find the endzone, but their special teams and defense were able to keep them ahead. At the start of the fourth quarter, Freeport’s quarterback rushed for a 77 yard touchdown. North was able to block the PAT kick, which ended up being a huge play in the game. Freeport got the ball with a few minutes left in the game. After eight combined penalties for almost 100 yards, Freeport was only 20 yards away from the end zone. Freeport threw for a touchdown that would have won the game for them, but it was called back after a holding penalty on their offensive lineman. After replaying the fourth down eight times, North was eventually able to force an incomplete pass and win the game.

East E-Rabs traveled to North for the last conference game of the season and North’s senior night. It was an emotional game for the seniors because they knew that was the last guaranteed home game that they had. North started off strong with a score on their first drive. Their defense was solid during the whole first half, other than giving up a touchdown to East’s running back, who led the conference in rushing. North went into halftime up 7-6, but they weren’t happy with only being up by one. The second half was controlled by North from the start. With two recovered onside kicks, North gained the momentum and never looked back. Offense started to score and the defense shut East out in the second half. North won 31-6, which guaranteed them a playoff seed.

Saturday night, the football players were all watching the playoff selection show to see where they would be heading to play their first playoff game. Eventually, North saw their name on the screen, matched up with Lakes High School. Lakes went 7-2 during their regular season, compared to North’s 6-3 during their regular season. North will head to Lakes High School on Friday night to try and keep their season alive.