Bowling Season Started


Justin Trimble, reporter

The 2018-19 boys bowling season started on October 21st and the team is made of 30 kids.  Coming in strongly again this year are Justin Bragg (‘19), Nole Hefty (‘21), Gabriel Lord (‘20), Patrick Bender (‘20), John Powell (‘19), And Cal Taylor (‘20). These athletes are coming off firing at all cylinders having their first practice with Powell bowling a 298.

Last year they did ok with the season overall winning a little less than half of the matches they were invited to. In the tournaments last year, there were more games to bowl which tired the bowlers out. They usually came out in about 5th out of 10 teams for reference. Which isn’t too bad considering where they were sitting out of the other teams that were in the conference.

They expect to do more this year having about 10 more bowlers than last year. The coaches are different, too, this year. The coaches are Matt Sbertoli and Ed Glennon. These hard workers realize that learning can go beyond the classroom and the bowling alley carrying over to everyday life.

Both of these coaches have bowling experience. Glennon has bowled over 20 perfect games, 300s, and Mr. Sbertoli has been close, getting a 299 several times. Glennon is in the Rockford bowling hall of fame. He has also bowled over 50 strikes in just above 60 frames.

The bowling team is expected to go places this year due to the high numbers and the new, more experienced staff. The team has new faces that are expected to be a big help too. Matthew Turn (‘21) is making his way through the alley, bowling a high of 175. He wishes to make JV this year.

There’s another change as well as the new staff: there are more bowlers so North has more teams now. Along with varsity and JV, there’s also JV2 and JV3, to give the bowlers more of a chance at participating in tournaments and up our schools overall.

A good way to end this would be “ROLL” Thunder L.O.L.