Harvey Play Review

Matthew Turn, Reporter

The play Harvey stars in the 1950’s with Elwood P. Dowd, Harvey, and his sister, Veta Simmons. Harvey,  a six-foot-one inch and a half tall imaginary white rabbit. In the beginning, the audience is quickly shown how Veta thinks of Harvey, that being she wants Harvey gone.

Building up throughout the play, Veta brings Elwood to a sanitorium to get him convicted. The story then intensifies when some major misunderstandings happen and the characters search for the missing Elwood. The turnouts for the play on the first day were unexpected as it was on a Thursday night; most people would be doing homework or some other outside school activity. Thursday’s turnout doesn’t compare to the Sunday and Saturday shows.

Each character had its own personality and the actors made sure to get across each want of a character and why they are there.

Though the actors were understandably under some stress this did not stop some from having fun like Mark Magallanes (‘21).

There were many aspects of playing Dr. Chumley that were enjoyable. For one thing, shouting in someone’s face with everyone being okay with it was pretty fun.” Mark Magallanes (‘21).

The play overall had no major mess-ups besides breaking a few vases like one where Natalie Abramat (‘21).

During one of my lines where I yell at Veta, I slam the glass vase down, and I slammed it down so hard I broke it. I nearly cut my hand, but at least there were people who were dressed up as maids and cleaned it up for me. I am eternally grateful for that.”Natalie Abramat (19’) There was also a point where someone fell on stage but was quickly covered up as the person said a comedic line covering up the blunder.

Though the play was good overall there were some dragged out parts that dulled down the play. On the other side, it did have some fast-paced comedy that the audience had to listen to in order to catch the joke.

The last showing of the play the cast and crew as a tradition gives their director something relating to the play and some sweets the director loves, This time was a stuffed rabbit with all the names of the cast and crew on its shirt. The sweets were Reese’s and an entire pack of Coca-Cola which Mrs. Taylor promptly took with her.