When will it stop?


Priscila Chavez , Reporter

     Another outburst shooting has occurred in America. Shootings in America have become such a common thing that we aren’t as surprised when we hear about them as much as we used to.

     This weeks shooting happened in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Robert Bowers, 46 a high school dropout entered The Tree of Life synagogue in Square Hill with an AR-15 assault rifle and three Glock handguns at approximately 9:50 am. All of the suspect’s guns were purchased legally. At 9:54 am emergency dispatchers received numerous calls for gunshots fired at the synagogue. 11 adults died and many others harmed. It is considered at this point an act of Hate, also known as a hate crime.

      Bowers also told one law enforcement officer, “They’re committing genocide to my people. I just want to kill Jews.” Additionally, Bowers kept mentioning genocide and his aspiration to kill people of Jewish descent on how they needed to die, federal complaints said. Allegheny County is now charging Bowers with 11 counts of criminal homicide, 6 counts of criminal attempted homicide, 6 counts of aggravated assault, and 13 counts of ethnic intimidation.

     All of the victims that were murdered on the 27 of October have been identified. Joyce Fienberg, 75, Richard Gottfried, 65,  Rose Mallinger, 97, Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, Cecil Rosenthal, 59, David Rosenthal, 54, Bernice Simon, 84, Sylvan Simon, 87, Daniel Stein, 71, Melvin Wax, 88, and Irving Younger, 88. Pittsburgh Police also released the names of the injured police officers and their conditions that following Tuesday. Timothy Matson with multiple gunshot wounds, Daniel Mead with a gunshot wound to the hand, Anthony Burke with a gunshot wound to the hand, and Michael Smidga, graze wound and/or shrapnel wound to the head.

     “It’s clear that there needs to be more stricter gun laws if these shootings are happening constantly. If there was maybe we would still have those 11 innocent people alive,” said Mariana Cardoso (‘19).

     US President, Donald Trump and first Lady Melania Trump were also accompanied by, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump as they all came to visit and give their condolences at the Synagogue. They were welcomed by Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, who led them inside the temple. Jared Kushner is also Jewish and Ivanka later converted to Judaism when she married Mr. Kushner in 2009. But the Trumps weren’t welcomed by Jewish figures and Pittsburgh’s Democratic Mayor, Bill Peduto who was not for the idea for their visit. More than 70,000 people signed an open letter from Pittsburgh based Jewish leaders stating that Trump was not welcomed into the city unless he “fully denounces white nationalism.”

     The visit from the Trumps also caused some protests. Protestors chanted “President Hate, leave our state.” and “Words have meaning.” Marchers also held up signs and posters with things such as, “We build bridges, not walls” “Trump’s lies kill” and “ Trump, Denounce White Nationalism Now.”

     On Tuesday four victims had their funerals. Brothers David and Cecil Rosenthal were the first to be buried and were the youngest. Daniel Stein and Jerry Rabinowitz were also buried while people paid their respects and asked themselves what they did to deserve that. A GoFundMe page had already raised $900,000 to help rebuild the synagogue and support the victim’s families. Also, another fund was set up by Muslim American groups to help pay for funeral costs. Which so far has $200,000.

     “It is truly upsetting to know that someone murdered all these people just because they were Jewish. He (Bowers) definitely needs to face some jail time,” said Dalila Medina (‘19).

     Another shocking update from this tragic event is that Robert Bowers was found NOT guilty. On Thursday Bowers walked into the courtroom on foot, with little to no injuries. Only with a bandaged left elbow. The arraignment that took less than 15 minutes started with prosecutors reading off the 44 counts of his indictment. The death penalty was also an option that was mentioned and Bowers didn’t even show any type of reaction to it.